Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Welcome to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program hosted at SAHPS.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program provides positive food experiences from the garden to the table. Students learn about produce and how to prepare healthy meals. 

The program delivers pleasurable food education through the participation of growing, harvesting and cooking foods and vegetables grown seasonally throughout the year.

Students in Grade 3/4 participate in two core sessions that rotate every fortnight, ‘The Kitchen’ and ‘The Garden’.

In ‘The Garden’, students are exposed to, and participate in the cultivation and growth of seasonal vegetables throughout the year. As each season provides different vegetables and fruits for planting, students explore planting and harvesting in ever-changing climates and conditions that Melbourne provides.

In 'The Kitchen’, students take their harvested plants taken from the school garden and use them as ingredients for amazing dishes. Students are exposed to the flavours delivered by each season, incorporating different ways of preparing, cooking and serving food.

By participating in these classes, students obtain a rich understanding of food cultivation and food preparation, reinvigorating the relationships and experiences students have with food revealing how pleasurable food can be!


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